Model 933 offers a very narrow diameter, with space for up to two passengers. Small dimensions mean it is also ideal for locations in which many other systems would not fit due to building limitations.

Model 1316 has room for up to three passengers. It is an ideal solution for wheelchair users. The angle of the exit of each stop is 0 °. Entrance doors are single. Extra folding seat in the cabin.

This system is suitable solely for indoor use!

Number of floors possible: 2, 3 lub 4
Standard split: Split head
Power supply: 220 V/50 Hz
Engine power upwards: 4400 – 5400 W
Engine power downwards: 400 W
Speed of travel: 9 m / min (15 cm / s)
Features: Fittings: cabin lighting, cabin ventilation, cabin overload protection
System safety: Emergency alarm, automatic emergency brake, automatic lowering in case of power cuts, cabin power 24 V

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Technical specification

  TL933 TL1316
System outer diameter: 950 mm 1338 mm
Module height: 2340 mm 2340 mm
Cabin inner diameter: 820 mm 1118 mm
Cabin inner height: 1950 mm 2005 mm
Cabin weight empty: 120 kg 196 kg
Module weight for each floor: 95 kg 165 kg
Weight of connecting elements: 40 kg each 80 kg each
Max. load capacity: 205 kg 238 kg