Curved Stairlifts Otolift2 is the most innovative facility, which may be secured to any type of stairs. Moreover, this tenuous and timeless design makes it fit any décor.

  • Continuous charge function
  • Space-saving design
  • Unique and easy control of the seat.
  • Smooth start and stop.
  • Folding seat, arms and footrest.
  • Radio frequency controllers
  • Electronic safety sensors.
  • Electronic and automatic safety systems.
  • Silent operation
  • Innovative system of automatically folding rails.
  • Ergonomic shape.
  • Durable and safe construction.
  • Ability to perform sharp turns

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Seat: Standard seat of ergonomic shape with armrests designed to offer maximum comfort during travel and getting on and off safely.
Materials: Stainless steel frame, ABS/PC seat and backrest.
Padding: fabric, leather or artificial.
Finish: All parts made from stainless steel, powder coated.
Control options: Mounted in the armrest.
Max. load capacity: Capacity of a standard chair: 130 kg for rail angle no greater than 60 degrees.
Capacity of a standard+ chair: 165 kg for rail angle no greater than 52 degrees.
Safety: Model 2 has a safety belt and an emergency stop button, which stops the chairlift immediately. It has an electronic speed controller. Made from fire resistant material.


Construction: Welded steel construction, cut aluminium, motor with switch.
Finish: Powder coated
Motor: 24V DC with three-phase brushless microprocessor of 0,33 KW.
Start: Smooth start and stop
Elekctronics: Motor controlled by a microprocessor
Batteries: 2x12v, 7Ah
Noise: Maximum level of noise during travel: about 40dBA


Construction: Welded steel construction, coated with non-slip TPE.
Finish: Wszystkie elementy stalowe malowane proszkowo.
Folding: Footrest folded manually, opcjonalnie elektrycznie.
Safety: Safety sensor mounted in the footrest.


Construction: Two stainless steel rails
Shape: Round of 45 mm diameter
Installation: Single pillars supported on the flat base, fixed to the surface. Screws covered with ABS plastic in the color of rails. Possible wall-mounting.
Lenght: Maximum 30 metres.
Power supply: Mounted in the bottom rail.
Method of drive: Sprocket ran alongside the bottom rail
Platform inclination: Max. 60 degrees.
Beginning of rail: Standard, quick start, folding or pull-out rail.

Other parts

Control options: Radio remote control mounted on the upper, lower and intermediate stops. LED light powered by 2 AA batteries.
Power supply: Standard power supply mounted to the wall.

Technical specification

Available different colors of the seat


  • Folding rail
  • Pull-out rail
  • Max. load capacity 165 kg
  • Any RAL color
  • Chair type: stand-on travel
  • Footrest lifted and lowered automatically
  • Automatic swivel seat